Crescendo For Hair

Crescendo Hair Salon, Victoria BC - The Artists


Christopher ‘Mr. Chris’ Owner/Stylist

I started at Crescendo for Hair in Jan ’97 as the salon apprentice, later moving my way onto the floor as a stylist, becoming partner in 2006, culminating in becoming sole owner in 2008. Over the years, I worked for Schwarzkopf as OSIS Educator, Essential Looks Educator, and Technical Advisor for Vancouver Island.


Danielle ‘Dano’ ‘Mango’

The longest serving stylist at crescendo, has more than 21 years of experience in the industry, and is an anchor in the salon. Dano brings a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor to the crew, keeping everyone on their toes.

Rosie ‘Rosarita’ ‘Rozy Roo’

Rosie is a proficient stylist who splits her time between working on the floor at Crescendo, and being the Schwarzkopf Technical Advisor for Vancouver Island.

Countess ‘Countie’ ‘Money Pit’ Salon Mascot

Countess was adopted by Chris and his wife, Erin, on Canada Day 2008, and only occasionally graces the salon with her presence for a quick shampoo, condition, cut, and blowdry.